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The Indy House Progress

HI everyone!!

Wanted to give you all an update on the Indy House. As some of you may know, I bought the house in April 2017.

It wasn't in great condition when I bought it, but for being 135 years old, I think it's doing pretty good! Yes, there are many improvements that need to be made, but those take money and time. I'm working as fast as I can. I wanted to make sure the inside was clean and comfortable before I tackled the outside, which includes finishing the last 6 fence panels for the privacy fence, the gazebo, and sitting area. Then it's onto the windows, frames, stucco, gables, soffits, and roof. I will be installing solar sometime in the near future. Donations of money and labor always welcome ;)

Our house is 135 years old, with original wood floors. That means they squeak. Sometimes they don't squeak as much as others, but hey, 135 year old house. As for the outside, we have very harsh summers and winters here (SLV is the highest Alpine Valley in the US, it is also a desert), so it takes a toll on the outside of the house. I guess the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover" is key here.

I made the decision this year to replace the a/c units with evaporative coolers, which work so much better in this desert environment. Plus people were complaining that they couldn't open their windows at night because the a/c units are in the windows. So, we have evaporative coolers, which allows the windows to be opened, to take advantage of the cool night air here.

We used to have Dish television network, but it was very problematic, as we have very high winds and rain and snow and hail, which would regularly cut out the Dish service. I am updating to Amazon Fire Sticks as soon as the Fiber Optic is connected to the house. It was just installed in town a couple of months ago. These things take time. There are HDMI cables in each room to hook up your laptop to stream in the meantime, if you are a news junkie or can't live without tv for a day or two. lol I also have roughly 200 DVDs, and a copy of IJ and The Last Crusade, which was filmed in the house, in each room. We do have free WIFI access throughout the building.

We are located in a tiny, rural town of 750 people. We aren't Colorado Springs or Westcliffe or Pagosa Springs or $500 a night BnB in Maine. Antonito is a frontier town, it's windy and dusty. There is no sod grass in the front yard, just native grasses and some volunteer Alfalfa and Wild Mustard. We aren't fancy pants. We do serve great coffee and food, our rooms are very clean, and come on, it's a move set house!!

I know I can't make everyone happy, but for those of you who love an amazing 135 year old movie set house, I appreciate you!!

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